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Thangjam Vishwanath
Office, Formals   Home, Casuals   siblings   Office, Formals again        
Delhi meets up with Fr MC George - 14th Mar 09
Lets show some IDs   Lets show some IDs   Discussions   attentive ears   the hill top   Sunlight dims, not ideas
The King Snack   talk over Snack                
Delhi meets up with Dwipen - 4th Nov 07
A meal fit for the king   About to enjoy the meal   The line up   DBS alumni and Friends   Extended meeting    
Bangalore catches up with Fr Mathew on 09 Sept 07
Lets Chill out at Cubbon Park!   Jokes and old stories with Johny Bowman   You know why we chose this park for the meet.   Up close - Fr. Mathew C Paul   The group that met up   The group that met up
The Re-union at Delhi Haat on 11 Mar 07
Cheery faces at the Delhi meet   'V' shall overcome.   Serious discussions          
Friends from School by Balan B
A shoulder to lean on   2 Shoulders to lean on   A new coat of Paint ahead of GJ   CheirouChing looks as the students play   The canteen  
School by R.K. Basanta
As time goes by...   The Basketball court as seen from the chapel entrance.   The chapel as seen from the Basketball court   The Imphal Team with Fr. George   The landmark   A practice session in progress
Bangalore Meet, Dec'06
The 'Chief Guest' arrives along with 'the Guards'   Enthusiasm overflowing, all came to meet the Fr.   A presentation from Bangalore chapter to summarise the story so far   A Cross section of the crowd   Fr George explained a whole lot of things   Everybody who attended the meet
Bangalore Meet, Nov'06
Cubbon Park is where we parked ourselves   Smiles and big plans                
Old Building By: Dwipen
Our journey began here   Sangbannabi Pukhri   Prayer Hall - Thy Kingdome Come   Remember those free swings   Place where some of us called it Home   It takes two to play
Delhi Meet, Nov'06
A walk down the memory lane with Fr George   We are all connected again   The Delhi Team - All set!   The first meet and the first step   Lot of things to digest!   Kodak Moment -Those were the days!
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