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Bosconians around the world, UNITE!
Having been fitted with the wings and the heart to fly out and conquer the world, most of you have indeed gone on to conquer the world in your own rights. You’ve climbed mountains, crossed the seven seas, weathered the deserts - squarely on the strength instilled by your days spent on the laps of Don Bosco.

Times have changed and she has fallen into dark days. Now is the opportunity for you to give back and become part of the movement to bring back her glory again.

Wherever you are, you can become part of the movement by joining the crowd and making meaningful contributions, in whatever way you can.

If you are at Imphal, you can directly contact Fr M.C. George OR Ojha Indibhusan.
Else, you can contact :

1. North Zone:
RK. Basanta (basantark AT yahoo.com)
L.Swasticharan (drswasti AT yahoo.com)

2). South Zone:
Balan B (balan_b At yahoo.com)
Ringo Pebam(ringo_pebam AT yahoo.com)
Sanad Aribam(sanad_tatu AT yahoo.com)

3). East Zone:
Deepak Chabungbam (dchabs AT yahoo.com)

4). West Zone:
Dominic Mao (dominicmao AT yahoo.com)
Dwipen Khwairakpam(dwipen_kh AT yahoo.com)

5). US:
Kheda Sanjenbam (kheda_s AT yahoo.com)
PurnaChandra Sharma (digitalium99 AT yahoo.com)
Rajendra Chingakham(chingakham AT comcast.net)

6). Europe:
Biswajeet Elangbam (biswaelangbam AT yahoo.com).
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