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Relic of Don Bosco - India Pilgrimage Tour

Picture/Collage courtesy: donboscoindia.com

Dear Bosconian,

Greetings from Don Bosco Chingmeirong.

On 1st May 2011 the relic of Don Bosco will be in Imphal. It is a rare privilege to have the relic of Don Bosco in our midst. From Imphal the relic of Don Bosco will travel to the rest of India. I earnestly request your help and co-operation to make this event a memorable one.

Don Bosco is a rare personality whose love and dedication has helped to shape and mould the lives of so many poor and orphaned youth. Don Bosco is the father and friend of the youth.

While you studied in Don Bosco you had the privilege of coming to know about Don Bosco. His educational system based on reason, religion and kindness has helped the youth to become good persons, useful and honest citizens of the country.

We,the Salesians of Don Bosco, maintain a very close relationship with our past students through the past pupils organization. It is a world wide organization by which a very close affinity is established among all who have been educated in the Don Bosco institution irrespective of the place and the type of institute.

On Sunday 17th April, 2011 we are organizing a get together of all the past pupils of Don Bosco at Don Bosco Chingmeirong, Imphal. The function will begin at 5.00 pm. The meeting will be followed by dinner. The main agenda of the meeting will be to plan for welcoming the relic of Don Bosco.

I cordially invite you to come and participate in the past pupils get together. It is a wonderful opportunity to get together with your classmates and to get to know other Bosconians. It is not possible for me to contact all the Bosconians, so, be gracious enough to inform your Bosconian friends and classmates about this meeting.

Once again I solicit your valuable presence for this unique gathering. Please contact one of the following Telephone nos. to confirm your participation. 09436039327, 8974291916,0385 2056030, 09439225212, 036033015.

Thank you,

Yours in Don Bosco
Fr. Jose Chemparathy,sdb

Some Pictures from the gathering at Don Bosco Chingmeirong Imphal on 17th april 2011

Fr CC Jose sdb addressing the gathering Ravalco Boys presents a welcome song
Pictures by: Mr. M Jyoti Singh

"What a privilege for Manipur and particularly for Imphal. The 7-month pilgrimage of Don Bosco in India STARTS in Imphal. The bones of the right hand of Don Bosco are embedded in the statue that is being taken around - the same right hand through which God worked numerous real MIRACLES in his life time. A golden opportunity to say thank you to Don Bosco for what we have received thorough him and his educational system, and to seek fresh blessings - true miracles - for us, our children and all our people. Don't miss it!"
Fr. MC George,sdb

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